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. >> reporting there from cairo. for more on today's release in the future of egypt, i spoke with the u.s. ambassador to bahrain. there are two schools of thought about what america should do on egypt. one of them is to stand up and back these protests, and the other is to hold our cards close to our chest because we don't know what will happen. >> the united states should exercise strategic patients. people in the united states are troubled by what they see on violence, and by this however, this is a process that will take a long time to play out. we should hold our fire and encourage the egyptian government to work through state institutions and to support those institutions. to not take steps to undermine them and limit the ability to work through these issues. moment,uggest at the the best course is stability even with the control of the military. >> i don't see that as the choice. but the military has a role to play. this is a pillar of the egyptian state. with the judiciary and the legislature. mohamed morsi neutered the judiciary and the legislative, leaving the military. the choic
for an investigation. damascus was quick to deny it was responsible. a shocking escalation of the use of weapons in syria. we hope people responsible will one day be held accountable. i hope they blow have unrestricted access to the area and the united nations will be racing this at the un security council. >> the army and armed forces would like to say these allegations are false and baseless and such claims within the context of the dirty media war. go ahead with confronting terrorism. >> we sought advice from an expert. >> there appears to be a lot of dead people with no outward wounds that have died of something. some of the symptoms like the debt stairs are very similar to what we saw where thousands of people were killed by nerve .gents >> chemical weapons inspectors are in serious, but they do not have government permission to visit the site and may not get it. it is unclear those responsible will ever face justice. >> what is the reaction out of the west? we will go to nick bryant. hearing?you any consensus? >> no consensus. the allegations of this atrocity, and they pointed to the state
the interior ministry had warned that live fire would be used if security forces were attacked. it all escalated quickly. first tear gas then automatic weapons from the police station. i did not see demonstrators with guns, but the official media hearsay many in the crowd were armed. say many in the crowd were armed. some bullets came very close. there was fire into the walls in the last couple of minutes just above where we were. for hundred people in the crowd -- several hundred people in the crowd have retreated. a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo, the divided nature of society, the absolutely combustible mixture of people who oppose the military coup, people who support the muslim brotherhood, versus badly armed security forces. further down the square, other people were trying to get out of the line of fire. some jumped or fell. in ramseys square itself, they pulled out steel fences to use as barricades. it wasn't just happening in cairo. this was alexandria on the mediterranean coast, egypt's second city. clashes and deaths have been reported from across the cou
to egypt? topic. the this ceo of fyre, muhammed el darian baqubah joins us. el-erian, the ceo of pimco dust. -- joined us. what is happening? >> it is across the board bad news. first and foremost, their ability to create jobs is hampered. especially jobs for the young. second, the poverty issues. this unrest is hitting tourism very hard and that is a very effective way to employ people that would not otherwise have access to the market. a tax collections. if it were not for this exceptional age -- eight coming from the gulf countries, or to giggly saudi arabia, kuwait, and united -- particularly saudi arabia, kuwait, and the united arab emirates, would be facing even worst conditions. >> how long if you are a foreign business investor, how long do you put up with that kind of situation? >> tourism, you can turn it on at some point because the monuments are still there. you cannot turn it off immediately because people will look ahead six to nine months, but you can turn it on. a factory is more problematic. if you're thinking of investing for a number of years, that will be very problemati
you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, is very troublesome. office in london, william hague directly blamed the syrian government. >> i know that some people would like to say that this is some kind of conspiracy run about by the opposition in syria. the chances of that are small. we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the assad regime on a large scale. bewould like the u.n. to able to assess that. >> this is not the only one. yesterday, turkey declared that all red lines have been crossed. france warned that fault may be needed. also assessing this as really troublesome. why is the american president weighing his words so carefully? once he gives the u.s. verdict, he faces a quandary. does he hold back from action? does he order the use of first -- the use of force, potentially making the crisis deeper? lashed out against what they called a wave of anti- syrian propaganda. they blamed rebel fighters for making the area where the attack took place to unsafe for you when inspectors to visit. the mains conference, syrian opposition coalition was swift t
authorities. >> michael has recently returned from cairo, with the very latest. thank you for joining us. a very tricky time in egypt. the u.s. government has said that her team gave it a heads-up about the detention of david maranda, the partner of a journalist who published information from whistleblower edward snowden. but the u.s. said it was not involved in the decision to question him. mr. maranda was held for nine hours at heathrow airport in london, while en route to brazil . maranda, finally arriving back in his home country, brazil, a journey much delayed after he spent hours in detention in london. waiting for him at rio de janeiro airport, his partner, a guardian reporter. his hours spent in custody, being grilled by cap or terrorism detectives. >> i remained in a room. or were six different agents coming and going, talking to me. they asked questions about my entire life, about everything. they took my computer, video game, mobile phone, memory cards -- everything. >> from his partner, there was fighting talk. >> i am going to do reports much more aggressively. i will publis
in the car for 20 minutes, you went in there by yourself, and you ain't telling us nothing the man said. >> because there's nothing to tell, okay? i just gave him enough money to stall for some more time. >> so that means he could come back, then. >> no, no, he did promise that he wouldn't come back. >> and you believed him? >> yes. [ gunshot ] >> [ screams ] >> what's that? >> what is that? >> what was that? uncle curtis? >> curtis, wait a minute. >> what's wrong? ♪ (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop for no one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. just to tell you our products get the job done. instead, we give you a free red robin kids meal or appetizer, like towering onion rings, when you join scott shared values. sign up at scottbrand.com. ooh, hot...hot, hot! [ male announcer ] some people
's right there. >> what? >> she used to star in "the princess and the --" >> don't you say it. >> "pipe." >> ohh! that's just wrong. >> oh! felt good. >> "closed"? >> hello. may i help you? [ bell dings ] >> yeah. uncle curtis, why is there a closed sign for the kitchen? >> because the diner is closed. we're closed until dinnertime. it's about a half-hour away. >> but auntie ella never closed down the kitchen. >> new chef, new rules. >> well, can i at least have a snack? >> read the sign. what's the sign say? it says "open for" what? breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> uncle curtis, i'm hungry. >> i'm gonna help you out this time because i like you... a little bit. what do you want to order? >> um, some carrots. >> k-a-- >> uncle curtis. >> will you please -- i'm doing -- i'm working. >> [ sighs ] >> okay, you want chopped carrots or whole carrots? >> hmm. that's a good question. chopped carrots or whole carrots? >> there are people behind you. could you please order, sir? >> uncle curtis, i'll take whole carrots. >> [ shouting gibberish ] >> uncle curtis, who are you -- >> [ shouting gibb
>> be breezy, fellas. >> hey, man, you think we ever gonna let women just turn us into punks like that when we grow up? >> ella! ella! ella! malik, where's your auntie? malik. malik! where's your aunt ella? >> she's stuck in traffic with jazmine and mom. >> she's stuck in traffic. she's stuck in traffic. uh, okay. everybody calm down. everybody calm down. okay. uh, either one of you ever delivered a baby? >> oh, yeah, i do that all the time in biology class. oh, i delivered triplets last week. >> oh, you did. come on with me. >> i was playing! >> stop playing! [ door closes ] >> is your uncle curtis always like that? >> pretty much. >> i told you we should've left earlier. >> how was i supposed to know an accident was gonna be backing up the highways? >> had we left earlier, then we would've missed the accident. >> i might as well play -- >> ah-ah-ah-ah. you play no more games, no more games. let's go. we're gonna go to my house, watch a movie. >> fine. malik, watch out for the space monkeys. >> calvin! let's go! [ video game sounds ] >> look out, malik. don't nobody tell me what
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